Monday, November 18, 2013

What is your Jericho?

"When the trumpets sounded, the army shouted, and at the sound of the trumpet, when the men gave a loud shout, the wall collapsed; so everyone charged straight in, and they took the city." Joshua 6:20 (N.I.V.)    

The children of Israel had spent 40 years wandering the desert after their release from Egyptian slavery.

God had shown them the Promised Land but one thing stood in between them and their new home land.

It was the city of Jericho.

Jericho was a mighty fortress that was surrounded by large walls, making it impenetrable to outside armies. 

Joshua was leading the Israelite people and knew that the destiny of his people lay just on the other side of Jericho.

How could a group of wanderers bring down these towering walls and take the city?

Only God could do it for them.

Joshua relied on God's help and obeyed His instructions.

The people walked around the city in silence each day for six days.
Then, on the seventh day, the seventh time around the city, the priests sounded the trumpets and the people shouted with a mighty roar!

The walls of Jericho fell!

The Israelites entered Jericho and took the city.

They were now free to enter the promised land; a place of great blessings where milk and honey flowed; a place of freedom where they would no longer be enslaved by another government; a place a legacy to establish their Nation for future generations.

I ask you today, What is your Jericho?

What is standing between you and God's Promised Destiny for your life?

What is keeping you from living a life of blessing where milk and honey flow?
What is blocking your path from breaking the bonds of slavery to addiction or anger or depression?
What is towering high above you threatening to stop you from establishing a life that radically changes not only your future but that of your future generations?

Are those walls built with stones that have labels like "low self esteem?"
Do the walls say "You aren't good enough?"
Are the walls filled with accusations such as "You should be ashamed for being Gay, Bi-Sexual, or Transgendered?"
Do the walls have stones that you have tried to break before but couldn't, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, sex or porn addiction?
Are those sky high walls comprised of stones of fear, or depression?
Maybe the walls are filled with hurt from past relationships or even current ones.

Are the walls in your life so tall and seem so over powering that they block out the sun?

No matter what Jericho represents to you, no matter the heights of those walls that seem to stand in your way, our Abba Father God is BIGGER!

The same God who brought the Israelites out of captivity and delivered them into the Promised Land will bring you into YOUR Promised Land!

He will destroy the bonds of slavery that hold you captive.

He will show you a life of Peace, Joy, and Blessings where no matter what you face, you will always know that He is Greater!

He will radically change your future and that of your future generations so that your whole family lineage reflects His Goodness and Power.

Know today, my friends, that God is YOUR Victor, YOUR Savior, YOUR Mighty Warrior!

Exodus 14:14 says "The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.” (N.I.V)

Identify those things which are holding you back and pray to God.
Ask God to take them from you; to fight the battle for you!
Then, be still.

Give the battle to God and rely on Him to bring down those walls for you.

God can do for you what you cannot do for yourself!

Give Him the battle every hour of every day and trust Him to deliver you into your Promised Land!

God will show you what a Mighty Savior that He is!

I am praying for you and believing with you that YOU WILL SEE the walls of Jericho CRUMBLE Down in YOUR life!

If you would like me to stand with you against those Jericho walls in your life, please message me your prayer requests.  I will never judge, only pray and show you the same unconditional love that our Father God shows me each and every day.

As Always, Remember:

God Loves You!
God Created You!
God Accepts You!

Until Next Time,

Saved By Grace