Saturday, March 31, 2012

You Are Welcome

During this Lenten season I have been thinking a lot about sacrifice.

So many of us decide to "give something up" for Lent.
For me this year, I have given up fried foods.

No matter what we choose to surrender until Easter, nothing can compare to the sacrifice that Jesus paid for us on the cross.

When I was a younger guy I used to get wrapped up in the legalism that can come with sacrifice.

I thought that I couldn't make a single mistake during Lent because if I did then Jesus would think that I didn't love Him, or that I didn't appreciate what He did for me.

As I have grown older I now look at Lent through the eyes of God's Grace.
(Incidently, I try to look at everything through God's Grace now a days.)

Instead of sacrifice being  something that we do to prove to God just how much we love Him, it should be a way of saying, "thank you."

He already knows how much we love Him.
He knows our heart.

The lower cholesterol that occurs from giving up fried foods is not going to convince Him of something He already knows!

Instead, allow Lent to be a time to revel in God's unbelievably gracious love for you!

I'm sure you would agree that no matter what we give up for Lent, it is a tiny sacrifice compared to what Jesus did or us on Easter. 

My tiny sacrifice is merely me saying "Thank You."

His Ultimate Sacrifice is Jesus saying "You Are Welcome."

As we enter into Holy week remember that "You Are Welcome!"
You are welcome to His Salvation.
You are welcome to His Redemption.
You are welcome to His Joy.
You are welcome to His Peace.
You are welcome to His Healing.
You are welcome to His Love.
You are welcome to ALL of the promises that life with Jesus offers!

He wants you to have them!
After all, He bought them with His blood.

This week please take time to focus on just how much God Loves You and share that Love with those around you.

Have a beautiful Palm Sunday and Holy Week my friends.

As always, remember:

God Loves You!
God Created You!
God Accepts You!

Until next time,