Monday, February 13, 2012

Your Valentine From God- Revisited

Below is a re-post from Valentine's Day 2011.

This post received more feedback about how it touched people's lives then anything else I have written before or since on the blog.

I decided to post it again this year.

I pray it blesses you right where you are today.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Here is Your Valentine from God:

As February 14th approaches, sights of hearts and cupids become unavoidable.

A simple trip to Walmart is enough to throw you into sheer excitement, or utter despair, depending on the current situation of your "love life."

We all want to be loved.
That is a basic tenet of human nature.

Tonight's blog post is a Valentine, not from me, but from God.

If God were to send you a Valentine I think it would read something like this:

You are my most beautiful creation.
Your eyes sparkle like the stars in the galaxies.
Just as every snow flake has different characteristics, no one else has ever or will ever be like you.
I have known you before the creation of the Earth and I will be with you for all of eternity.

Each morning I will cause the sun to rise and brighten your day.
Every evening I will showcase the moon in all its splendor to remind you that I am still here with you even in the darkest night.
In the Autumn I will paint the trees vibrant colors for you to enjoy.
During the spring, flowers will bloom, their fragrances filling the air, so that you glimpse Heaven while on Earth.

I love you more then you could ever know.
I love you without any conditions.
I love you so much that I have sacrificed my only son just to be with you.

I see you through Him, you know.
Your heart is pure, innocent, perfect in my eyes.
I send Angels to protect you and stand charge over you.
I send my Holy Spirit to gently comfort and guide you.

Nothing can ever separate you from my Love.
I Am Love.
And, I Love You!

You Are My Valentine,

This Valentines Day I pray that you will know that YOU ARE LOVED!

The same God who breathed life into man and created the entire universe loves you more then you can comprehend.

No matter where you find yourself tonight, passionately in love or desperately lonely, you ARE someone's Valentine.
You are His!
Nothing can change that.

Happy Valentine's Day and remember,
God Loves You!
God Created You!
God Accepts You!

Until next time,


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