Sunday, December 5, 2010

Be the Voice

You might have noticed in my blogger profile that I refer to myself as "One voice crying in the wilderness."

This is based on two things:
1. My name- My first name is John.  My mom named me after John the Baptist.  By all accounts John the Baptist was considered a radical in his day especially by the religious folks.  Prophets foretold that there would be one man crying in the wilderness "preparing the way of the Lord."  You can read about this in all four gospels, Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3, and John 1.
2. My calling- God's calling on my life has become very clear to me over the past several years.  I am to be a voice crying in the wilderness of His Love, His Joy, His Salvation, His Healing, and of course, His Hope.

Uhmmm, okay John.  Why are you telling us this?

Because, the best way to combat the message of non hope that flows from too many churches today is to have more Voices in the Wilderness rise up and be heard!