Friday, December 24, 2010

The Perfect Gift

Here we are, Christmas Eve 2010.

Like many people around the world I finished my shopping yesterday.
As I walked up and down the aisles of each store I tried to think about the people I was shopping for.
I wondered, is this the perfect gift for them?

Will my boyfriend like this Lego Architect Series Guggenheim set? (He's loves architecture so I have to admit I was pretty pumped when I found this.)

Will my dad like this WWII dvd?
Will my brother like this GPS for his car?
What will my best friend think of this book from her favorite author?

At each purchase I made a decision that I had done my best to find the perfect gift.
I'm so excited about giving the people that I love these wonderful gifts.
All they have to do is accept them.  
There's no hidden agenda, no strings attached.

Tonight's blog is a simple but powerful message.
Have you taken time to consider how huge, how amazing, how perfect the gift is that our father God gave to us?
You know the gift, the one that all you have to do is accept.  There's no hidden agenda, no strings attached.

We are celebrating the birth of that gift tomorrow.
His name is Jesus.

Through Jesus our daddy God gives us life everlasting.
He shows us his amazing love.

Through Jesus' life, death, and resurrection we have the gift of salvation.
In Jesus we have a best friend who loves us unconditionally. 
He never insults us behind our backs, never gossips, and will never leave us.

No matter where you find yourself this Christmas, by yourself or with family, with a partner or single, on the streets or under the warmth of a blanket on your sofa one thing is true, you are not alone.

Our Savior Jesus was born 2000 years ago just for you.
He lived a sinless life because He knew you couldn't.
He showed us how to love each other by going to the outcasts and loving them unconditionally.
He healed the sick, performed miracles, and exhibited perfect faith so we could do the same.

Then, Jesus endured torture that we cannot comprehend.
He was murdered on a cross and even then asked God to "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

He defeated the enemy and resurrected from death for you.
Even after He ascended to Heaven He sent us the Holy Spirit as our comforter so that we can have a relationship with Him for all eternity.

Jesus, the one who's birthday literally changed the world, is your own personal gift from God.

This Christmas give Him the perfect gift as well.

What do I have that Jesus would possibly want?

Your heart.
Let Him be the best friend that sticks closer to you then a brother.
Share with Him your struggles and your triumphs.

Fall madly in love with the one man who will never let you down.
After all, He loved you first.  Even before the creation of time He knew you and loved you.

Remember, He would have walked this earth, experienced rejection, hurt, pain, torture, even death just for you and you alone.
If no one else ever accepted Him as their perfect gift, He still would have done it all just for you.

Jesus loves you more then you can fathom.

For Christmas 2010, love Him back.
That is the perfect gift.

Merry Christmas my friends!
Always remember God loves you, created you, and accepts you,