Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again

Ok, so maybe I only made it to my second post without a "Glee" reference but this is very apt for the subject of today's blog.

While sitting on the couch with a dear friend tonight watching last week's episode of "Glee", it hit me.

Happy Days Are Here Again.

Somewhere between puberty and adulthood I lost those Happy Days.
I can remember being where many of you find yourself today:

-A gay teen feeling so alone and misunderstood thinking that nobody gets me, especially not God.

My teen years were rough.  Even my twenties were hell at times.
But, at some point it changed.

One day I stopped listening to what others told me God thought about me.
One day I started asking God Himself what He thought.

His answer was so different then what I had been told.

He loves me. Period. 
God isn't waiting for me to become straight so He can love me.
God IS Love!  He loves me straight or gay or crooked or whatever!

The day that I realized that I was accepted by God just as I am was the day that true Happiness found its way back into my life.  (Shout out to all you Baptists out there who sing all 55 verses of Just As I Am during alter calls.)

You see, I really believed God loved everybody else. Just not me. Not just as I am.

When you are feeling shut out by your friends, or your family, or your church; when you feel like God is a million miles away, remember this:  

He Created You Just as You Are.
He Loves You Just as You Are.
He Is Proud of You Just As You Are!

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Consider Matthew 18:12- "Look at it this way. If someone has a hundred sheep and one of them wanders off, doesn't he leave the ninety-nine and go after the one?" (Message Bible)

God loves you so much that even when you think you are separated from Him, that you aren't good enough for Him, He leaves the ninety-nine sheep to find You!  

He loves you so much that He chases after you to find you.
That is how special you are to Him.  His love for us is amazing!

Once you believe that then you will find that Happy Days Are Here Again!

God Loves You!
Until next time,