Thursday, March 10, 2011

Amazing Grace

How Amazing is God's Grace for Us?

His Grace is boundless.
It reaches into the most hardened hearts and whispers to them, "Come home."

His Grace sees us through the blood of Jesus, without our mistakes.
It finds us even when we are hiding in our most secret sins.
It guides us when we are so lost that no compass can point us in the right direction.

God's Grace marches into the deepest gutters, takes us in it's arms, and carries us out into the bright light of a new day.
It reminds us not of the times we have failed, but of the times we will be victorious!

For me personally the Grace of my father God is like a life guard that is always there to jump into the rough seas of my life. 
It swims out to rescue me when I am drowning.  
Through Grace, God pulls me to the shore and gives me the breath of life once again.

We have a perfect example of Grace in the life of Christ. 
The Grace that we find in Jesus teaches us how to extend Grace to others.
Even dying on the cross He extends Grace to a thief and leads him to salvation.

That thief had no time to go out and do good works.
He had no time to make amends to the people he had wronged or to build great churches in the name of God.

No, all that thief did was accept Jesus.  
He was drowning in sin and being killed, literally, as a punishment for his mistakes.
But, he allowed Jesus to be his life guard.
At the very moment of dying he accepted the gift of salvation and received new life.

In the midst of being brutally crucified, Jesus came to the rescue for that thief.
Jesus saved him, showing him Grace, by forgiving him of all of his sins through the blood that He was shedding at that very moment.
Jesus said to him,"Today you shall be with me in Heaven."

How Amazing is God's Grace?

It's so amazing that no matter who you are or where you have been, God Loves You!
Even if you are nothing more then a common thief being put to death for your mistakes, God extends His salvation, forgiveness, peace, and joy to you through His mercy and Grace.

In God's eyes he was not a common thief.
To God, you are not your sins or your mistakes.
You are not the nasty or hateful names you have been called.
You are not the fears or insecurities that haunt you.

When God sees you He sees one thing:

A Beautiful and Cherished Child of God.

That, my friends, is Amazing Grace!

As always remember:
God Loves You!
God Accepts You!
God Created You!  (And God doesn't make mistakes!)

Until next time,


Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)