Saturday, March 30, 2013


On Friday, Jesus was crucified.

He died.

He was buried.



Let this Resurrection day be your day of  Victory!

Do you face depression?
That debt has been paid.

Do you face rejection?
That debt has been paid.

Do you face loneliness?
That debt has been paid.

Do you face disease?
That debt has been paid.

Do you face persecution?
That debt has been paid.

Do you face poverty?
That debt has been paid.

Do you face addiction?
That debt has been paid.

All of the hurts, pains, condemnation, disappointments, sins, and misfortunes of your life do not define you!

Today, only ONE thing defines you!

Today the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, who died, was buried, who defeated the enemy, and Rose Again...This is what defines you!

In that one moment in time Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice to give you the victory.

He bought the victory for all of mankind... past, present, and future.

In one Glorious instance his eyes opened and His burial garments fell to the ground.
The stone rolled away and the tomb door opened up.
Out stepped our Risen Savior as YOUR victor!

He won your victory at that moment!

He paid your debts Once and For All!

Accept it today!

Accept Him today!

He longs to share in this day of Victory with you and to give you the everlasting and abundant life that he lived, died, and Resurrected to give you!

You are not just a number or a name to Him.

He knows you personally and LONGS to live with you, inside of you, through you.

If you do not know Him or want to know Him again, then say this prayer:

Lord Jesus,
I believe that You ARE the Son of God.
I believe that you were crucified, died, defeated the enemy, and Rose Again!
I believe that You paid the debt for all of my sins!
I accept you as my Savior Today!

I Love You,

After you have prayed this prayer then begin praying more prayers, and more prayers, and even more.

Get to know your Father, God.
He longs to spend time with you.
Talk with Him like He is your closest friend.

Believe me, He WILL become your closest friend.

Whether you just accepted Jesus as your savior, or you have known Him for a long time, Praise God because no matter what your circumstances appear to be,  today IS your day of Victory!

The next time the enemy tries to remind you of your shortcomings  your promises, the stresses of life, shout the Name of Jesus at him and stand firmly in the finished work that was paid for you on Calvary!

God Loves You So Much!
He sent His only Son to pay the sacrifice of all of your debts.

There is no greater love then to lay down your life for another.
That, my friends, is just a taste of how much our Daddy God loves YOU!

Today is your day of Victory!

Today Is The Resurrection Day!

As Always Remember:

God Loves You!
God Created You!
God Accepts You!

Until next time,