Monday, August 20, 2012

Just Surrender

I remember one warm summer day when I was swimming at my parent's house and a friend of my brothers was there with his daughter.

She was only about five years old at the time and didn't know how to swim.

Without warning, before they placed the water wing floaties on her little arms, she darted towards the pool and jumped in.

She landed not far from me.
While I was reaching out for her she panicked and started thrashing her arms rapidly.

Because of her violent and sudden movement I had trouble grabbing her into my arms.

Finally, I was able to take hold of her and we got her out of the pool.
She is fine today but still remembers that afternoon that could have ended much more tragically.

How many times in life do we get in over our heads?

Are you at a place today where you feel battered by the waves of worry and heart ache?

Does it look like things may end tragically for you?

Instead of panicking and thrashing around in the situation, this is the time for you to surrender!

There is a big difference between surrendering and giving up.

Giving up means you choose to drown in those waves.

Surrendering means you choose to stop fighting and allow God, the Great Rescuer, to swoop in and bring you out!

Surrender is the key to your rescue.

God longs to meet your needs.
He longs to be the loving Father who jumps into the deepest part of your ocean of troubles and save you!

He can only do that if you stop panicking, stop pushing Him away, and start surrendering to Him.

If you are being battered about by waves of addiction or old habits that you cannot break, stop living in shame, fighting in your own strength, and start letting God have them.

If you battle depression so bad that at times you feel like you will drown in it, let go of that anchor that is weighing you down.
Surrender that depression to God and allow Him to bring you to shore.
He wants to hold you in His arms, give you His CPR, and breathe New Life into you!

If you hold anger and resentment toward someone, stop swimming in it until you are too tired to swim anymore.
Instead, pray for God, your Rescue, to come take it from you and give you freedom.

"But John, I don't read my Bible enough to get rescued by God."
"I don't pray enough."
"I don't keep all of the Laws and Rules of being a Christian!"
"God won't rescue me!"

In Alabama we have two words for that type of thinking:

Our Father God wants nothing more then to be your rescue TODAY!

He longs to be near you and provide for you.
He longs to meet your needs and heal your diseases.

Our loving God wants to see you excel in every area of your life and Stop Drowning!

That's the very reason He sent His Son Jesus in the first place, to give You the Victory!

The battle is already won, my friend.

God's rescue in your situations has nothing to do with your works!
His rescue has Everything to do with your Surrender!

No matter how rough those waves are around you; no matter how dire your situation looks; throw your arms up and say out loud, "God, I give it ALL to you! I Surrender!"

At the very moment when you stop trying to make things work in your own strength, God starts working them out for you in His!

Believe me, His strength is much greater then yours, mine, and every Olympic Athlete combined!

Your battles are already won.
Now is the time to accept the victory!

Surrender to our Daddy God and watch Him come to your rescue!

As Always Remember:

God Loves You!
God Created You!
God Accepts You!

Until Next Time,