Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Here I am, at the end.
I'm in need of resurrection.
How did my heart become so lifeless and cold?
Where did the passion go?
I've used up all my strength and there's nothing left to give.
I can't fake it anymore.

Does this describe you today?
It's okay to admit it.

There are times when life seems to overwhelm us; when we can't see the silver lining because the cloud is so big we aren't able to even find the edges.

Maybe your heart feels lifeless and cold because it has been hurt.
Has it been trampled into pieces?

Are you putting on a mask for friends and family while inside you are crying and yearning for some relief?
Does it seem like that relief never comes?
Maybe you feel like you can't fake it anymore.

When you stare at the sky you might feel like God is a million miles away.....
if He even exists at all.
For some people the God that we sought in our youth is just a distant memory.
He's become like unicorns or fairies, a fantasy we believed in because we were ignorant kids.

If any of the above applies to you then please know that this post is for you.
God has laid you on my heart tonight and you need to read this.
You are in the right place.

As Easter approaches our thoughts naturally turn towards the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

We remember how Jesus was brutally nailed to a cross through His hands and His feet.
He was bleeding profusely and still in pain from the horrific whipping he had endured.
Centurion guards placed a crown on his head that was made of sharp thorns. 
Those thorns dug into his skin.

He was stripped naked and humiliated.
Onlookers laughed at Him.
They taunted Him shouting, "Look at the king of the Jews!  Where is your God now?"

That day Jesus of Nazareth died a slow and painful death.
It was so torturous that I doubt we can truly comprehend it.

Even as He endured this pain, He still offered salvation to the thief who was being crucified on a cross next to him.

While our Savior struggled for every breath He told the thief, "Today you will be with me in Paradise."

As you read this, listen closely.
Can you hear Him?

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this man who was being murdered yet still offering forgiveness, hope, and everlasting life in His final moments before death.

He wasn't just speaking to the thief who was hanging on the cross next to Him.
Jesus wasn't just offering him salvation.
No, He was calling out to you.
He was saying your name.
Can't you hear Him say it in his last breaths, "Debbie, Tyler, Joe, Aimee, Jenn, Elizabeth, Ryan, John? Do you believe in me? You will be with me in paradise"

We are no different then that thief.
We are no better.
We are no worse.
Romans 3:23 tells us,"All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God." (NKJ)

The promise offered to the thief is the same promise that is offered to all of us.

Jesus died for you no matter who you are or what your past may be.
He didn't care about how much money you have or how many good deeds you have done.
He died for all of mankind; for you; for me.

After Jesus exhaled His last breath on the cross He conquered hell and took the keys to death, hell, and the grave.
Then on the third day, on that first Easter, the power of almighty God raised Jesus from the dead.

The body of Christ came to life with explosive power.
Angels rolled the stone away from His tomb and He stepped out to show Himself to His followers.

No matter who you are or what you have done, when you accept Jesus into your heart that same power lives inside of you!

It doesn't matter how far in the sewer you might feel you have sunk, the God who raised Jesus Christ will raise you up today!

That same power can breathe life into your soul.

This resurrection power can place you on your feet when you have fallen and set you on the right path when you are lost.

If Jesus Christ can be dead for three days and then come back to life cannot God calm the storms that surround you?

Can He not heal you and take the pieces of your shattered heart and make it whole again?

This Easter it is time for us to grab hold of the power that is the Resurrection!

Take off your mask before God and surrender your life to Him so that He can light the flame that once burned bright within you.

He will give you passion again.

The promise of healing, forgiveness, hope, and everlasting life is yours!
Trust in God and believe that He can do for you what He did for Christ 2000 years ago.

Join me this Easter as we experience our own personal Resurrection!

Remember that God Loves You.
God Created You.
God Loves You.

Until next time,


Resurrection by Nicol Sponberg