Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Love Has Power

A good friend of mine shared a story at our last prayer meeting about losing everything.

She said that it was when she was at the bottom rung of the ladder that she first truly encountered Jesus.

"If you are looking for Jesus," she said, "He is hanging out at the bottom.  That is where I found Him.  That is where I fell in Love with Him.  When I lost everything, there He was waiting with open arms."

There is so much power in that statement!

Jesus is hanging out on the bottom rung of the ladder!

Where do you see yourself on the ladder of life today?
Have you slipped and fallen a few rungs?

Have you almost fallen off completely, barely hanging on to that bottom rung?

If that is you, don't be ashamed.

You are just where you need to be for God to do a breakthrough in your life.

When God is All you have, you realize that God is All you need!

I am a living, breathing testament to how far our Father God's arms can reach!

Why is Jesus hanging out on the bottom rung of the ladder?
Because, He is waiting on you there!

You see, no matter how hopeless your situation may look at this very moment, God IS your hope.

No matter how alone you might feel, you are never alone in God's presence. 
He will never leave you nor forsake you!

Do you ever feel unlovable?
Allow God to love on you with His Perfect Love!

1 John 4:18 says, "There is NO fear in LOVE. Perfect Love casts out fear!"

God Is Perfect Love!

By accepting that our Father God is reaching out to us in Love, we are getting to know His nature.
We are accepting His unconditional Love for us!

Let's look closer at the scripture above knowing that God is Love:

"There is no fear in Love (God). Perfect Love (God) casts out fear!"

Fear binds you in chains.
Whether it be chains of addition, or worry, or self loathing, or anger, all of it stems from Fear.

Fear is the opposite of faith.

Now let's look at 1 John 4:18 one more time knowing that God is Love and that fear is something that binds or hinders us.

"There is No fear (Things that bind us) in Love (God). Perfect Love (God) casts out fear! (Things that bind us)"

God casts out the things that bind us...through his Perfect Love for us!

Love (God) Never Fails!

Whatever has knocked you down to the bottom rung, His Love Is Stronger!

To break chains of addiction in your life, accept God's perfect, grace filled, non-judgemental love for you!
He loves you so much that He wants to see you set free!
He will cast out those addictions that bind you!

To destroy diseases and receive healing in your life, accept that God loves you with a love that is more powerful then your sickness!
He sent Jesus to bare your diseases so that you don't have to!
He Loves you so much that He wants you to be in good health!

To excel financially in life, accept that His Love for you is so great that He wants you to prosper!
He is Jehovah Jireh, your provider!
He loves you so much that He wants to provide for you in abundance!

Our God is not some uncaring stoic judge sitting in Heaven just waiting for you to screw up so He can punish you!

He is our Loving Father waiting for us on the bottom rung with arms outstretched to meet all of our needs!

He is our Rescuer!

For years we have been taught that we have to earn God's Love.

Many of us have been taught that His love is only for certain people.

Some have even heard that He only Loves those who keep every rule and commandment of the Bible.

That is simply not true!

Nothing in the Kingdom of God is based on OUR works!

Everything in the Kingdom of God is given to us by His Promises, through His Grace, because HE LOVES US!

He has already completed the work for us through Jesus!

Salvation is not earned.
It is freely given to ANYONE who believes in Jesus as their Savior.

Healing is not earned. 
We are promised healing from God because of the sacrifices that Jesus paid on the cross.
He bore our diseases!

Freedom from Addiction is not earned.
The word says, "He whom the Son set's free is free indeed."
We are Set Free through Jesus!

We are a new creation through Christ not because of our struggling to live perfectly, but because of the free gift that He has Promised us!

God's Promises are Yes and Amen!

You can trust and count on the Promises of God!
All you have to do is accept them.

Accept that no matter who you are or what you have done, 


His Love is the Power to cast out the things that bind you!

Accept these promises today and trust God to honor His word for you.

He is waiting for you with His arms open wide.
Run to Him and let Him carry you back up the ladder of life.

He will restore EVERYTHING you have lost.

Because, He Loves You and His Love Has Power!

As Always, Remember:

God LOVES You!
God Created You!
God Accepts You!

Until Next Time,


What Love Really Means- JJ Heller